Pop Art birthday Umbria
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Pop Art birthday celebration Umbria, Italy

Pop Art birthday Umbria, Italy

A Pop Art birthday Umbria, Italy by 1000e20 | OneThousandEvents EVENT & WEDDING DESIGNERS

Pop Art birthday Umbria, Italy

Casale San Silvestro is one of the most amazing private villa located on the hills around the medieval town of Todi.
The spectacular view of the town, and the panorama clasping the site just leave you completely breathless. And this was the perfect location for the Pop Art birthday celebration in Umbria we did.

blue party in Umbria, Italy

In this terrific and relaxing scenario, surrounded by greens and tender hills we performed the most fun, surprising and exciting Pop Art Birthday Umbria, Italy, ever.

birthday celebration in Umbria, Italy

My client, from Chicago – Illinois USA, asked me to surprise her husband for his birthday. This extremely enjoyable couple is great collector of POP-ART and of one of the most famous Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol.

Marilyn birthday cake

And the idea of a surprise Pop Art birthday Umbria with Marilyn came, after few options, to be the perfect match for the couple collecting life.

As I knew the favourite color of the “party boy” is blue, I went on with a theme of Marilyn and added the blue in each and every detail, including of course the invitation, and the favours for the guests that were total blue.

blue party details

So there goes the planning and the research and study of the main ingredients that make the Pop Art birthday Umbria a successful one.

We studied the set-ups, the graphics, the colours, the menus, the flowers and décor, the music, the details, the timetable… but in all that…my main goal was to find “a” Marilyn!

And I did found her: Mara! A great actress and singer, coming from Naples.

marilyn actress for celebration party in Italy

The menu was studied along with a chef Fosca Moretti – Eating art La Tavola dei Colori and was a real POP Sensation. The cocktail, served on the patio had been displayed like colors on a canvas and had a wide variations of tastes a flavors.

The menu for the seated Pop Art birthday celebration in Umbria included colorful dishes, flowers, a soup with crepes directly served from a can, as if in a Campbell Soup by Andy Warhol… and the Birthday Cake, that came along with Mara-Marilyn.

Andy Warhol soup for party celebrations

She was sensational and surprised and amused the Pop Art birthday Umbria for a while with sketches, songs and acting performances! And of course the most famous “Happy Birthday”! She had been so good, entertaining and funny that you would not think that she was not Marilyn at all! Perfect!

Casale San Silvestro, Todi, Umbria, Italy

Casale San Silvestro, Todi, Umbria, Italy

My staff and me were all hiding behind bushes and laughed to death!

A special thanks to Sofia Bianchini who told us of this special birthday organized with her staff

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