Flight themed wedding italy
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flight themed wedding in italy

Flight themed wedding, hot air baloon in Italy

Flight themed wedding by Serenella e Marco in Ozzano dell’Emilia, Italy (versione italiana qui).

flight themed wedding in italy

The main theme of Serenella and Marco’s story is their passion for travels and flying.

They met in fact during a business trip, since then they started to plan trips so they could meet around the world and getting to know each other better and deepen the pleasantness and attraction they felt when they met.

From those early meetings between the formal and the friendly, empathy initial soon turns into deep bond, as often happens when two people meet and “recognize” each other.

bride in retro style hair

As their relationship solidifies, they begin to even organize leisure travels together, so to satisfying their innate and shared passion.

At their flight themed wedding, a civil ceremony in a chic-country style, the guests where friends and people met in the course of years of traveling and living abroad in fact they came mostly from foreign Countries, some really far away as Polynesia, forming a colorful and multi-ethnic public.

The Venue Villa Isolani offered an unforgettable scenery for this flight themed wedding.

villa isolani matrimonio mongolfiera su Pizzo, Cipria e Bouquet

The intimate ceremony was held between two old oak trees forming a natural arch amid a grove surrounded by green fields as far as the eye could see and enriched with all the charm and elegance of the mansion located behind the guests.

The bride, wrapped in a mermaid dress with a train of ostrich feathers personally designed by her and created by Armando Azevedo, a retro hairstyle, small bouquet of calla lilies, made her entrance to the villa on the notes of a song by Vivaldi. After the service, Serenella and Marco were greeted by a cloud of soap bubbles floating chosen by the couple instead of the traditional throw of rice, just a really romantic and perfect detail for a flight themed wedding.

bolle di sapone matrimonio

mini bottiglie porta sapone a forma di torta

The couple decided gift their guests that recalled the flight themed event chosen: a hot air balloon in fact was waiting for them on the other side of the park to take them on small scenic flights, an amazing surprise of great effect that has sent everyone into raptures, from adults to children.

tema volo e viaggi matrimonio in mongolfiera

The celebrations then continued with an elegant buffet in the park with white sofas and entertaining dance performances by the diverse audience of invited guests to the70’s / 80’s tunes played by Just Married Music.

Even the cake surprisingly recalled the flight themed feature: a multi-layered cake, in the gradual tones of blue sky with clouds, small birds and a cusotm made cake topper, representing the couple sitting in their own plane, expertly shaped and very realistic.

fly theme caketopper pizzocipriaebouquet

A super romantic flight themed wedding, in which I personally participated and appreciated the ability of the bride in overshadow everything she thought as superfluous devoting the major part of the budget to the most spectacular and representative details of their love story.

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