Capri Island, walks between art and flowers in italian style
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Capri Island, walks between art and gardens in italian style

If I think about the full moon nights spent in Capri Island, in my mind a record player instantly starts nostalgic notes by an old italian song: “Little dreams in blue dress … wink discrete by the sign of a local… while you ….”  (click per la versione in italiano)

…Return to Capri Island in summer is like finding a never forgotten great love. Flirting with Capri island is to immerse yourself completely in the scents of citrus, in bright colors of bougainvillea, in the infinite blue gradations of  sky and sea, and in the heady flavors of myrtle and cedar.
Every natural and artistic detail becomes part of a unique and totally sensory experience. And it is impossible not to be seduced.

Capri. The blue island. The island of the Sirens.

Capri Island passeggiate e lifestyle

Photo credits: click for view the photos in Pinterest

Staring to the Faraglioni from a sailboat , swimming among the rocks, at sunset sipping a cocktail on the terrace at the Faro, enjoy a Mediterranean dinner under citrus and lemons plants by ” Paolino “ … and experience the magic of Capri nights , leaving overwhelmed by ‘ romantic allure and exclusivity of an island , with its spontaneous elegance , fails every time to leave indelible memories and feelings .

As when I was twenty years old and with my friends in order to suffer less, in the evening we used to go out in flat shoes until when having reached the vicinity of the center, we left the shoes hidden in a bush to continue the evening in high heels … often completely forgetting the location of the bush …

If you are dreaming a tour of Capri Island in a Vespa as in the 50’s, or rent a Calessino to park under the hotel to make the move, remember that it is impossible. In fact from April to October you can at most take a taxi or a bus that will leave you near the most important places . So if you are planning a vacation for the first time in Capri , be sure that to do everything you have to walk , walk, walk ….

My favorite walks in Capri Island : in the foreground Villa San Michele. One of the most beautiful parks in Italy, located where once stood an ancient Roman villa . A unique place full of art and Mediterranean flora. Several Roman sculptures, the head of Medusa , the bust of Tiberius and the Egyptian sphinx live among flowers and plants in one of the most scenic spots on the island.

The Gardens of Augustus . Timeless scenarios and lush flora for this natural park overlooking the sea wanted by the german tycoon Krupp . Unique landscapes in which to get lost : from the Certosa di San Giacomo, to the Faraglioni , from Marina Piccola to the mountains that plunge into the blue . Between flowers and classical statues you can also admire the underlying Via Krupp .

And then …. futilities indispensable in every holiday : a walk in Via Camerelle for buying some “over priced” things, browsing inside Carthusia , an gelato (and more ) by Buonocore …. and if you come to Capri Island with your personal boat … well , the island will give you much , much more .

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  • carmen
    Inserito alle 19:03h, 20 Maggio Rispondi

    ancora non ci sono stata ma questa estate non me la perdo!e seguiro ‘ la tua mini guida 🙂


  • Valeria Glamourday moda
    Inserito alle 18:27h, 03 Giugno Rispondi

    Capri è nel mio cuore, condivido appieno tutto cio che hai scritto *-*
    mi fa davvero piacere incontrare una appassionata di Capri come me, cosi ci possiamo capire *-*

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